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Continuing Education Events

Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Continuing Education, News and Events

Hello Master Gardeners,

Here is a list of upcoming events you might be interested in attending.   Thanks to Tina Helmsetter for compiling the list.

CEUs Aug thr Dec2017

Remember, we do have free continuing education events through-out the year, such as most of our monthly meetings and demo garden talks.  Recent MG graduates do not need to acquire continuing education hours until after the new year, January 2018.



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Reporting your hours

Posted by on Aug 8, 2017 in News and Events

Hello Dear Volunteers –

I wanted to address an issue I’m seeing as you are all getting your hours to me for the Aug 31st deadline.

Because I will no longer be here after Oct 31st – you will have a new person trying to learn everything during the incredibly accelerated Fall busy season.  So I’d like to clarify something for you all so that she doesn’t get confused and then have an issue later on with correct Volunteer hours logged.

Some of you, when sending your hours in, are including OLD HOURS. Meaning, hours you have already reported to me.  I realize a large part of that is because, rather than start a new sheet, and wasting paper, you just continue on.  I am familiar with the system we have in place, and I can look at a spreadsheet or log sheet and realize something is duplicated right away. I’ve been here a long time. But I will tell you, that for a new person in this position, that will confuse the heck out things.  She will not be as familiar with things and will need your assistance in the beginning.

So, if you could just remember, you only need to report hours ONE TIME!  Once you submit them, we’ve got it. No need to include old hours ever!

We log by the month!   So please don’t just tell the “new kid” you’ve got 40 hours for the year….. we then have to break that up.  Please start to be as specific as you can – and remember, it is in .25 hours;                                                                                                15 minutes=.25   30 minutes =.50  45 minutes =.75

If you would like to know how many hours you currently have, or to what date (month) you’ve reported, e-mail me at   It is literally just a few clicks for me to look it up.  It is never a problem (for me) to give a few clicks and answer your question.

Thanks everyone!!!

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Volunteer Opportunity at Brunner School

Posted by on Aug 7, 2017 in News and Events

Hello Master Gardeners,

New Master Gardener member Teresa Keeler is recruiting volunteers to help maintain the Brunner School Children’s Garden in Scotch Plains.  This project has been approved for volunteer hours.  If you are interested in helping at the garden over the summer, please contact Teresa by email, or text 908-403-7319.


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“Treasure Our Trees” the 2017 State Master Gardener Conference Oct 7, 2017

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in Continuing Education, News and Events

Hello Master Gardeners,

Hope you are enjoying the summer.

When fall arrives and the leaves are changing color, what a perfect time to “Treasure Our Trees,” which happens to be the theme of this year’s Annual State Master Gardener conference! This year during the state MG program’s  “Awards for Excellence” ceremony,  we will be honoring Mary Krauss with the individual award for excellence and the Gardening with Children committee for the team award for excellence.

The conference is on Saturday, October 7 at the Cook Campus Center at Rutgers University.  A link to the program information is below.

2017 RMGANJ Reg Form

You have 2 options to register, one is to use the online registration the other is to print the form and mail it to the NJAES Office of Continuing Education with a check or credit card information.  I suggest registering soon, as this event often fills to room capacity.

Hope to see you there – it’s a great way to meet Master Gardeners from around the state.


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Volunteer Hours

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in News and Events

Ladies & Gents, it is that time! With the Pin Party coming up on September 19, 2017, I need all your hours through the end of August 2017. I thought I’d start bugging you early as I do put a lot of information together before that deadline, so I have a better idea as to who might be close to an award level. That’s when I can then bug you to put in a few more hours to make that level. We also use these reported hours for Madeline’s Rutgers reports! So they are not just for recognition, they are important statistics!!!
Start getting them together for me – you do not need to repeat/copy what you have already reported, I’ve recorded all of that.
So that’s the heads up everyone – start sending me those hours! Lots to coordinate before the party, the earlier I have everything together, the less you’ll hear from me!!!!

Thanks for all of your help over these last few years! This is the last Pin Party I get to coordinate and attend before my retirement on Oct 31, 2017!

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Volunteer Opportunities at our “Vegetable Gardening Series” Lectures

Posted by on Jul 5, 2017 in News and Events

Hello Master Gardeners:

This summer we are having our first evening Vegetable Community Gardening Series Lecture at our Sharing Garden. We had our first program on June 22 with Tom Mulligan lecturing on Starting a Vegetable / Community Garden.

The programs will start at 6pm and people will park in the main Trailside Parking Lot. We’ll gather outside the TMA classroom. The classroom is in the building where the bathrooms are, closest to the demo garden and amphitheater.  We’ll take the group into the Sharing Garden via the back demo garden gate from 6:00 -6:45, than we will be using the TMA classroom for the Power Point Lecture.  We should be done by 8:00 to get everyone out of the parking lot by dark.

I have attached the flyer for the program.

Rutgers Vegetable Gardening Series

The dates/speakers are:

Tuesday, July 25 –“Keeping Pests Out of the Garden” Madeline DiNardo and Jackie Park Albaum

Wednesday , August 9 “Harvesting and Food Safety” Dennis Lenahan

Thursday Sept 7 Composting – Dennis Lenahan

For each evening, we will need Master Gardeners to help with the program. Here are some of the opportunities:

Parking Lot Greeter

Registration (people signing in) and helping distribute handouts & pre/post quizzes

Tour Guides – we can meet before the program to plan the tour highlights

I could also use clerical help in the office to put together program handouts.

If you would like to volunteer at any of the programs, please sign up at:

This link should bring you to a sign-up sheet. If you have trouble getting on the sign up page, or would prefer to just mail me back what day(s) / and job you would like to help with, that would be fine.



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2017-18 MG Directory is available

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in News and Events

The wait is over!!!

The updated Directory for 2017/18 is available!!   I can snail mail it to you – I can e-mail it to you – you can come and pick one up!   Your choice!!

contact me (as usual) 908-654-9854 and let me know what you need and how you want to receive it!!

I am taking lots of time off this summer, so if you want to see me – catch me on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays.


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Reminder: Master Gardener Annual Picnic June 24, 2 pm to 5:00 pm

Posted by on Jun 19, 2017 in News and Events

Come enjoy the gardens and the company of other Master Gardeners. A great day to re-connect with members you know and meet the ones you don’t! Your family and friends are invited to join us on June 24 (rain date June 25).
The Garden Committee will provide burgers, hot dogs and beverages.

Please bring an appetizer, salad or dessert and a lawn chair.

We also need a few “grilling masters” and people to shop and help with set up
and clean up.
Tina Helmstetter
via phone
Or via e-mail:

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Rutgers Vegetable Gardening Series at Trailside

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Continuing Education, News and Events

Hello Master Gardeners,

We will be offering a series of Vegetable Gardening Talks to the public at our “Sharing Garden” this summer.  The programs will start a 6 pm with a tour of the garden followed by a lecture given by your fellow Master Gardeners in the TMA classroom, located in the brown building just outside the back garden gate and the amphitheater.  The program will end at 8 pm.

Please see the flyer below for dates,  topics and registration information. Each program is eligible for 2 CEU’s.   Bring your friends and neighbors!

Rutgers Vegetable Gardening Series Rutgers Vegetable Gardening Series



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Try Again Newsletter

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017 in News and Events

Lets try this link again guys!!  WHen you click on the link, it will come up SMALL!!  If you double click it will come up readable size!!
Stay Cool!!


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