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2013 December Motions

2013 December Motions
• Motion: Mary Stewart moved a motion to accept the November 6, 2013 Executive Board Minutes. Seconded (Lorraine Wallace) and carried.
• Motion: Mary Stewart moved a motion that we proceed with the grant application for the pavers for the Sharing Garden once the budget figures have been determined. Seconded (Nancy) carried unanimously.
• Motion: Mary Stewart moved that we make a request to PSEG to use the money for sharing garden pavers as opposed to the walk around garden path. Seconded (Larry) and carried unanimously.
• Motion: Nancy Heide moved that we allocate some of the Exxon gift money toward the purchase of a new computer for the Helpline, if needed, and the remainder be used for the Sharing Garden paving project. Seconded (Lorraine) and carried.


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