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2013 June Motions

2013 June Motions
• Motion Carol Walczuk moved that we accept the minutes of the May 2013 Executive Board Meeting with the changes per Richard Leister’s email: acknowledging that Harry Faulks, Joe Lafferty, Larry Dzieskowski and Peter Rinaldi also worked with Richard to get the green house and the barn read for the Spring Fair. The motion was seconded and carried.
• Margaret Beach moved that we form a sub-committee to review the options for a parthway in the sharing garden and report back to the Executive Board with recommendations, This was seconded by Richard Leister and carried.
• Margaret Beech moved that we approve the Compendium statements as revised. This was seconded by Nancy Heide and carried.
• Motion: Mary Stewart moved that David and Bridget Mracek, and the Newsletter Committee consisting of Caryl Hannemann, Joanne Krueger, Christine Dec, Denise Rothstein, Katherine DeFillipo and Deb Berman receive the Award of Excellence for the Master Gardeners of Union County. This motion was seconded and approved.
• Motion: Susan Thomson moved that we accept the draft of the Nominating Committee schedule and the Policies and Procedures as amended. This was seconded and carried.
• Motion: Susan Thomson moved that we poll the membership for feed back on the shade garden tree selection. This was seconded by Richard Leister and carried.
• Motion: Mary Stewart moved that the Board hold a closed session to finalize discussion of the State Reps position on the Board. This was seconded by Carol Walczuk and carried.
• Motion: Carol Walczuk moved that the Board maintain the organization as it is and not add the State Representatives as voting members. This was seconded by Mary Stewart and carried.


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