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2013 November Motions

2013 November Motions
Approval of the Minutes: Carol emailed the Board members that she was adding a request from Caryl Hannemann to the Executive Board meeting agenda. Nancy noted two items that needed to be corrected in the minutes of the October 2013 Executive Board meeting:
1. RMGUC did not pay for Madeline DiNardo’s attendance at the recent Northeast Association of County Agricultural Agents. RMGUC made a donation to the conference.
• TJ Karns, Madeline DiNardo and Joanne Krueger signed the letter to Marvin Ellison Executive Vice President at Home Depot, that the Gardwood Home Depot for all their work and help in renovations to the barn. Larry Dzieskowski moved that we accept the minutes of October 2, 2013 Executive Board Meeting were approved with the corrections as described. Seconded by Lorraine Wallace and carried.
• Motion: Richard moved that the Board accept Caryl Hannemann’s request as proposed prior to the September Executive Board meeting. Seconded (Susan) and accepted.
• Motion: Lorraine moved that Caryl Hannemann’s request to have volunteer hours credited to her for teaching the garden club in Berkeley Heights be accepted. Seconded (Nancy) and carried.


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