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2014 September MG Executive Board Agenda


7:00 PM — Approval of minutes, June 4, 2014 Executive Board Meeting
(To be reviewed by all prior to meeting)

7:05 — Correspondence: Deborah DiMaggio
7:10 — Treasurer’s Report: Richard Leister
7:20 — Historian’s Report: Mary Stewart
7:25 — State Representative’s Report: Caryl Hannemann, Antoinette Rinehart

7:35 — 1ST VP, Larry Dzieskowski: Community Projects, Environmental Matters, Garden Preservation,
Publicity, Helpline, Newsletter, Web-site
— 2nd VP, David Regal: All Demo Garden Committees, Arts & Crafts, Intro. To Hort Therapy
— 3rd V, Tina Helmstetter: Continuing Education (inc. summer events), Speakers Bureau, Sunshine
Committee, Children’s Programs, Annual MG Picnic, Holiday Party

— Home Gardeners School Proposed Process Outline/Reimbursement
— 2014 Goals/Objectives/Project Review & Schedule
— Final SGF Financial Report
— Website Posting of Committee Chairs
— Sharing Garden Paver Project (funding update)
— Demo Garden: Rain Garden Construction Update
— Wes Philo Award Nominations
— Awards for Excellence/ Reimbursement
— Memorial Fund Update/Details/Fund Balance

— 2014-2015 Preliminary Budget (review/discussion/vote)
— Executive Board Positions/Election
— Nominating Committee Appointments
— Recognition Party Update/Holiday Party Discussion
— By-laws 2nd year Review/Revision
— Spring Garden Fair Name Change

The next Executive Board Meeting Is Wed., October 1, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
Agenda item Requests must be mailed to the President no later than one week before a scheduled meeting.