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2015 May Executive Board Motions

Approval of Minutes: There was one to the minutes of March 4, 2015 on top of page 2 it should read that Neil sent Caryl Hannemann an email instead of David. Motion made by David Regal to accept the corrected minutes and seconded by Neil Barbin.
There were no changes/corrections to the April 1, 2015 minutes. Motion made by David Regal and seconded by Tina Helmstetter to accept the minutes.
Note: May 6, 2015 minutes had a correction under State Representatives “with no term limits” and were approved as corrected at the June 3, 2015 meeting.

Continuing Ed and Home Gardeners School Reimbursement:
Carol Walczuk updated the CAMG Professional Educational Information policy. The board reviewed and discussed the policy.
A motion was made by Debbie DiMaggio and seconded by Neil Barbin to accept this policy. It was unanimously approved.
It was noted that as of September for the new fiscal year we will no longer be reimbursing CAMG’s for attending the Home Gardeners School . These funds would instead be dedicated to paying speakers for our programs. Richard Leister will draft this change of policy for review at next month’s meeting. The notice of this change will be inserted in the Newsletter to inform the membership that there will no longer be reimbursement for attending the HGS.
Opening Continuing Ed Meeting to the Public:
Tina Helmstetter reported that at our last meeting there were about 40 Master Gardeners and guests in attendance. Tina will keep tallies on this with a sign in sheet. It was suggested that we try this for a few more meetings because of space limitations before considering opening the meetings to the public.
Tina made a motion and Mary seconded it to continue to have guests with Master Gardeners at our meetings. The vote on the motion was unanimously approved.
“Come Grow With Us” at Kean:
This Community backed project on the Kean College campus is supported by a new class member, Jackie Park-Albaum. Madeline indicated that they are looking for 4 days of help; 1 day in June to plant crops, 1 day in July to help with harvesting, 1 day in August to plant cool season crops and 1 day in Sept. for harvesting. A notice will be in the Newsletter for volunteers. We will indicate certain weeks for work rather than a day. This could be a continuing yearly project.
A motion was made by David Regal and seconded by Terry Gibbons to accept this proposed program. The vote on the motion was unanimously approved.

Proposed Community Beautification Project:
Richard Leister received a proposal from a current class member, Adrienne Miller-Kubicz, for a Community Beautification project at the Township of Union Community Garden. The actual location is the Eleanor R. Erikson Park off Liberty Ave. in Union.
They are asking for volunteer MGs assistance with their raised garden beds. They have spring and fall clean-up dates. They are in their second year of operation and hope to expand over time.
Motion made by Mary Stewart and seconded by David Regal to approve volunteer hours for this project. The motion was unanimously approved.

Motion made by David Regal and seconded by Neil Barbin to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 p.m.


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