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Demo Garden upcoming events and Found items from Fair

Posted by on May 27, 2019 in Committees & Projects, The Gardens

The Demo Garden will be open every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 9am (weather permitting) closing by 12pm or earlier if all work is done.

Lost and Found items from the Fair: Please pick them up -they are in the Demo Garden building – 2 blue nylon folding chairs found in the annuals area after the Fair,  1 black milk crate left in front of the building with misc items, 1 white metal water bottle

Next Monday, June 3 we will be hosting the Battle Hill School 3rd grade on a class trip to our beautiful garden.
There will be 70 children arriving at 10am and leaving at 1pm. 10 activities have been planned – if you would like to volunteer to help with this, please contact Laurie Westra at All help is welcome as this is the largest children’s group we have ever hosted.
On Thursday, June 6th, from 5:30 – 8:30 pm The County is hosting a Native Plant Swap & Shop at the Demo garden.  The public will be touring the garden. They are invited to bring an invasive plant and trade it for a native! Purchase additional natives from Toadshade Wildflower Farm. Preregistration is required at This is the 2nd part of a public educational event run by the County.

On Saturday, June 22 (rain date June 23) we will be hosting our annual friends and family picnic, starting at 2pm. Please contact Ann Burgmeyer – 908-578-1068, to volunteer to help or to RSVP.

Thank you for keeping our gardens beautiful!

Joanne Krueger

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Important Spring Fair Information for Sunday

Posted by on May 18, 2019 in Committees & Projects, SpringFair, The Gardens

Spring Garden Fair Day is almost here!
Weather Forecast for Sunday – Partly Cloudy – 61 degrees at 8am, 80 degrees at 4pm, mostly cloudy all day, it looks like the showers may hold off until nighttime, but check the forecast as I am writing this Friday night.

We will be open at 6am on Sunday – Both entrances to the Garden will be open. The County will be setting up the rest of the tables, pop-up canopies and chairs first thing in the morning. Check in with Master Gardeners Joanne Krueger, Jane Manniello, or Susan Thomson before the Information Table opens at 10am for your volunteer assignment and to sign in.
Restrooms are located in the Old Museum building.
Please do not bring pocketbooks or valuable items with you.
Remember to wear your Master Gardener nametag, hat, t-shirt, or apron.
Green aprons are available at the main Information Table for Master Gardeners that don’t have MG shirts. (Information Table opens after 10am at the big gate)

We are making this change so there is food available for the Master Gardeners that arrive at 7am (or earlier) to start working. We are ending the food at 11am so the cashiers and plant sale committee can attend their orientation / check in meetings that start at 11am, and everyone else can get ready for the Fair opening.
The menu will offer mini bagels with cream cheese or butter, yogurts, fruit salad, protein bars, etc. Salads will be served in cups so people can “grab and go” and we don’t have a “people jam” in the building.
We will have coffee, tea, bottled water and juice available all day, with a healthy snack available in the afternoon, and whatever food is leftover from the morning.
PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH as we will only have breakfast foods available in the morning.

Parking for the public will be down at the Garden in the grassy field, & the main parking lot.
Parking for Master Gardeners will be at the Loop Picnic Area. Please drop off your supplies in the morning and park up at the Loop.
There are only 2 handicapped parking spots by the Garden, so any Master Gardeners needing assistance, we will move your car to a spot further away for you.
DIRECTIONS TO LOOP PICNIC AREA/PLAYGROUND – Turn left out of Trailside parking lot onto New Providence Road. Follow this road to a wooded traffic circle and take the third right onto W.R. Tracy Dr. (toward Surprise Lake). Bear left around loop for picnic and playground areas. It is a short 5-minute walk from the Loop area to the Demo Garden.
Be sure to park in a paved designated parking spot to avoid getting a pakring ticket at the loop. Park by the large restroom building.
We will also have the 4-H Van running as a shuttle from the Loop parking lot to the Garden in the morning before the Fair opens.

Please note – There will be a Scout group camping overnight Saturday into Sunday, and they will also be parking down by the garden. They should all depart by the time the Fair begins.

I know it will be another successful event thanks to everyone’s hard work!

See you Sunday. Joanne 908-313-2734 – cell

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Fair Schedule for Saturday- 8am start and Sunday- open at 6am

Posted by on May 17, 2019 in Committees & Projects, SpringFair, The Gardens

Hi everyone,
We will be starting at 8am on Saturday, our first delivery from Ambergs will be arriving about that time.
Plant deliveries will continue through the morning and should be done by 12pm. If you can come early Saturday morning it would be greatly appreciated.
The member pre-sale is from 1-3pm
And we should be closing around 5pm on Saturday.
On Sunday, we will be opening the Garden at 6am. The County will be arriving at 6:30am with over 20 tables, all the chairs, and pop-up canopies. We need people that can help with this set-up.

Remember, you can park at the Demo Garden on Saturday, park at the loop on Sunday.

Thank you – any questions, please call or text Joanne at 908-313-2724

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Spring Fair update on set-up & Scout camping this weekend

Posted by on May 15, 2019 in Committees & Projects, SpringFair, The Gardens

Hi everyone,

Houseplants and Garden odds and ends are still needed and accepted for the Plant sale- please bring them to the Demo Garden these days:

Thursday, 9am -12 pm, Friday 9am – 12pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm

We are planning on helping the County with the table set-up this Friday, May 17. Time is TBD – and we will only be getting some of the tables that are needed. The rest will be coming on early Sunday morning. I will send additional updates as I receive them.

Saturday, May 18, we are starting at the Demo Garden at 8:30 am and our Member pre-sale is from 1-3pm. We will be closing around 5pm.

There is a Cub Scout Pack camping in the grassy field by the garden – they will be arriving at noon on Saturday and leaving by 9am on Sunday. They have reserved Camp Site A & B and Pavilion A. Please be careful when driving and parking at the Garden on Saturday. They have been informed of our activity both days.

Any questions, give me a call – Joanne Krueger at 908-313-2734

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Fair Meeting – Wed @ 7:30pm and items needed

Posted by on May 13, 2019 in Committees & Projects, SpringFair, The Gardens

The Spring Fair orientation meeting is this Wednesday night at 7:30pm at the RCE office in Westfield.
Everyone volunteering at the Fair is encouraged to attend. We will review everything from soup to nuts and this is a great time to ask questions.
Refreshments will be served (iced tea and cookies)
We will be open these days and can use help continuing the set-up and getting the gardens ready:
Thursday, 9am – until 12pm
Friday, 8:30am to approx. 2:00pm (if you are coming later than 11am, call or text my cell to see if we are finishing early)
Saturday, 8:30am – 5pm
The MG member plant pre-sale is Saturday from 1pm- 3pm
Sunday the Garden will be open by 7am

Items needed for the Fair:
Gardening Odds and Ends needed – Please bring your donations this Thursday, May 16 to the Demo Garden. We will be open at 9:00am and closing at 12pm. We appreciate everyone’s donations, but all items must be clean, new or gently used and received by Saturday, May 18 – the day before the Fair.

House plants accepted until Saturday, May 18. Please label them. We have labels in the greenhouse for your use.

Boxes – all types-bring the weekend of the Fair – WE NEED 400 BOXES – If everyone just brought 4 boxes with them on Sunday we would have all the boxes we need. (Boxes should be stored in clear plastic bags and stored next to the building under the overhang- we have plastic bags at the demo garden on the kitchen counter for the boxes)

Baked goodies for our Cupcake cafe
Coolers with ice for our MG coffee break refreshments and the Cupcake Café
Pump pots or thermal carafes for the MG break and Cupcake Café
Shepherd Hooks for hanging baskets (mark with your name or tape)

Thanks so much for your help in keeping our gardens beautiful and making the Spring Garden Fair a huge success!
Joanne Krueger
908-313-2734 – cell

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Spring Fair- Houseplants needed – member pre-sale info & schedule for week

Posted by on May 12, 2019 in Committees & Projects, SpringFair, The Gardens

Hello everyone,

We are on track for another wonderful Spring Garden Fair and Plant Sale this coming weekend!

Houseplants and Garden odds and ends are still needed and accepted for the Plant sale- please bring them to the Demo Garden these days:

Tuesday and Thursday, 9am -12 pm, Friday 9am – 12pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm

We are planning on helping the County with the table and canopy set-up this Friday, May 17. Lots of helping hands are needed.

Saturday, May 18, we are starting at the Demo Garden at 8:30 am and our Member pre-sale is from 1-3pm

Member – Pre-Sale ordering Information

We will again make annuals available during the Master Gardener Pre Plant Sale, held Saturday afternoon May 18, from 1-3pm at the Demo Garden. However, we need your help to make it a success. The spring plant sale is profitable when we sell out so we must order carefully. If you are interested in purchasing annuals at the pre-sale please send an email of the type of plant and approximate number (entire flat, a six pack, 4 inch pot) that you plan to purchase. We have the typical assortment of annuals including begonia, ageratum, alyssum, petunia, marigolds, salvia, snapdragons and zinnia. We will be using your requests for rough ordering purposes only. There will be no holds on the day of the sale. Please send your order requests to by Tuesday, May 14.

And please start saving boxes for the Fair and bring them to the Demo Garden the weekend of the Fair.

Thanks, Joanne Krueger

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Demo garden open this weekend for plant donations and cleaning up the garden

Posted by on May 2, 2019 in Committees & Projects, SpringFair, The Gardens

The Demo Garden will be open this weekend (May 4 and 5) from 9:00am until 12:00pm for plant sale donations. We can use help pulling up the perennial pots we wintered over last fall, cleaning them up and pricing them for the plant sale. We will also be potting up, labeling and pricing any donated plants that come in this weekend. Anyone coming with plants to be potted up, please arrive by 11:00am so we may finish at 12pm.

The Garden will also be open these days (besides our usual Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 am)

Saturday, May 11 – 8:30am – 12:00pm – setting up the wood tables and moving all the perennials

Friday, May 17 – 9:00am until approx. 3:00pm – setting up

Saturday May 18 – 8:30am – 5:00pm – setting up, nursery deliveries, member pre-sale

Sunday, May 19 – Spring Garden Fair Day – open by 7:00am!

We had a good turnout last weekend, and potted, inventoried and priced over 300 plants. With everyone’s help, we can easily accomplish a tremendous amount of work in a few hours. Any questions contact Joanne Krueger at 908-313-2734 or

Thank you for your help with our Spring Garden Fair and keeping our garden beautiful – Joanne

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