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Committee Information

Adrian Cardona

Adrienne Miller-Kubicz

Alan Cossa



Committee Descriptions Board Contact
Arts & Crafts
Create items for Spring Garden Fair and other events
2nd VP
Children’s Programs
Develop activities to support children’s organizations.
3rd VP
Monthly Education Meetings
Make arrangements for speakers for the monthly Master Gardener Meetings. (Days evenings)
3rd VP
Research and submit to the RCE extension agent opportunities for continuing education hours. Upon approval, the opportunities are posted to the membership.
3rd VP
Summer Events
Arrange programs at Demo Garden for Master Gardeners such as yoga, planting techniques, composting class, etc.
3rd VP
Field Trips
Organize field trips for the Master Gardeners.
3rd VP
Set-up refreshments for monthly meeting and other MG events. (Days or evenings)
3rd VP
Community Projects 1st VP
Community Beautification / Community Food Gardens
Provide labor assistance and design advice for community landscaping projects and community food gardens
1st VP
Tree Canopy Survey in Berkeley Heights 1st VP
Environmental Committee
Rain Gardens. • Invasives Removal
Explore methods to make your garden environmentally friendly. Work on gardens/sites in the community.
1st VP
Demonstration Garden 2nd VP
Sharing Garden
Work in the vegetable garden at the greenhouse located at the Demonstration Garden at Trailside. Harvest vegetables and keep records for Food Bank Donations. Assist with arranging for delivery to food banks.
2nd VP
Sharing Garden Annex
A smaller garden of 8 beds growing unusual and experimental crops testing for suitability for food pantry distribution.
2nd VP
Cutting Garden
Two flower gardens entitled “Cutting Gardens” will be in the demonstration garden with flowers cut, arranged in bouquets, and donated to cancer patients and their families at Overlook Hospital Oncology & The Wellness Community of Central Jersey.
2nd VP
Berry Patch 2nd VP>
Garden Maintenance/Infrastructure 2nd VP
Herb Garden
Work in the Herb Garden located at the Demonstration Garden at Trailside.
2nd VP
Executive Board President
Executive Board Nominating Committee – Appointed by MG President President
Grants Committee
Research, write grant applications for monies to underwrite the activities of MG committees, as well as to maintain or refurbish Trailside gardens, buildings and equipment.
Helpline Committee
Answer gardening questions and identify plant problems and insects for clientele at the Extension office. Participate in community events that request Master Gardeners to man a garden question and answer table. (Days, evenings, at the Extension Office, Community Events on Weekends)
1st VP
Intro to Horticultural Therapy
Participate in programs for adults and children with various disabilities. (Days, occasional evenings)
2nd VP
Publicity Committee 1st VP>
Write press releases, newsletter articles, etc.
1st VP
Take pictures of events and create educational displays, photo posters, or albums (Days or evenings)
1st VP

Assist with newsletter production. (Days or evenings)
1st VP
Website & Computer Technology 1st VP
Speakers Bureau 3rd VP
Spring Garden Fair 2nd VP
Sunshine Committee 3rd VP

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