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Demo Garden open extra hours this Tuesday & Thursday – 9am – 3pm- VIP visitors Friday

The Demo Garden will be open next Tuesday and Thursday from 9am until 3pm and Madeline will be there both days so please come out and help get the garden into shape.

The County Manager, some Freeholders, and several County Department heads will be coming to the Demo Garden on Friday, Sept 6 from 8:30am to around 10:30am.
Many of these people have never been to our garden or seen the incredible greenhouse that was funded by the County.
There will be refreshments served (arranged by Madeline and Jim N.) and displays in the greenhouse of some of our MG projects.

We need the garden trimmed, weeded, swept and sparkling clean and looking it’s absolute best next week.
In addition, the greenhouse and building have to be vacuumed, and cleaned.
So I am asking for everyone to find an hour or two to come to the garden and help us get it into shape.
Sadly, in some areas the weeds are out of control.
If you normally work in one area, and that spot is good, please consider helping Madeline and your fellow Master Gardeners these next few days in another area.
Please come and help so our VIP visitors are amazed by our beautiful garden.
Thank you for keeping our garden beautiful!
Joanne Krueger

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