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Master Gardeners Executive Board 2019 Nominees

Below are the offices and candidates for the Master Gardeners Executive BoardAlthough the candidates are unopposed, we encourage you to vote as a show of support for them.  Voting will take place at the meeting on December 9.  Or you can vote at the Extension Office. The deadline for voting is December 16, 2019.

-The Nominations Committee: Jayne Graepel, Robert Platt, Richard Leister

The term of office for the listed positions is January 1, 2020 –December 31, 2022.

 Second Vice President:       

  • Tom Beisler, class of 2018

Volunteer Hours to Date:  78.5

Committee Involvement:  Plant Sale, Emerald Ash Borer Survey, Master Garden mowing and maintenance, MG Docent Program.

Third Vice President:

  • Ann Burgmeyer, class of 2011

Volunteer Hours to Date:  1,236.5

Committee Involvement: Third Vice President, Herb Garden and Helpline, Spring Garden Fair, MG Docent Program

 Corresponding Secretary:

  • Andrea Hightower, class of 2013

Volunteer Hours to Date: 136

Committee Involvement:  Bed next to shed; general help in the Demo garden, including berry patch and greenhouse.


  • Jennfier Costas, class of 2017

Volunteer Hours to Date101.75.

Committee Involvement:  Seeds for Hope, Herb Garden, Spring Garden Fair, audit for RMG account