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Nominating Committee Seek Candidates for Executive Board Positions

The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the Master Gardeners Executive Board:

At the end of this year (2019), the terms of Dan Black, Second Vice President; Ann Burgmeyer, Third Vice President, Indira Govindan, Corresponding Secretary; and Teresa Gibbons, Treasurer end.

Therefore, candidates are being sought for:

Second Vice President (two-year term)
Third Vice President (two-year term)
Corresponding Secretary (two-year term)
Treasurer (two-year term)

It should be noted that Ann Burgmeyer has agreed to run again for her position. Nevertheless, if you are a Certified, Active Master Gardener, in good standing, who would like to submit your name or another CAMG’s name for consideration,
please contact a member of the Nominations Committee:

Richard Leister, Telephone 908-790-1552; email:
Jayne Graepel, Telephone 908-720-0007; email:
Robert Platt, Telephone 908-400-7274; email:

NOTE: Elections will be held at our December Annual Meeting/Holiday Party. There will be two (possibly three) opportunities for eligible master gardeners to cast a vote. One will be at the Annual Meeting/holiday party. Second, eligible members not attending the Annual Meeting/holiday party will have the opportunity to place their vote at the RCE Office. Third, by voting on our internal website. (No votes will be accepted by phone).

In addition, according to our bylaws, nominations will not be accepted from the floor.
Our bylaws can be found under the Forms and FAQS page at

Qualifications and responsibilities for these positions are in the Bylaws, which are also available on the above website. Criteria include:

Any candidate for office must be a Certified Active Master Gardener (CAMG) in good standing. She or He:
1. Supports the mission of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension and the RMGUC
2. Displays, supports and encourages positive attitudes in volunteering.
3. Attends required RMGUC meetings
4. Maintains annual certification requirements (required hours and CEU’s)

The deadline for submitting names (applying for consideration for these positions) is October 21st, 2019.