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Every year the Master Gardeners Association of New Jersey (MGANJ) presents Awards for Excellence at the Master Gardener Fall Conference.

Each county with a Master Gardener Program is allowed two recipients per county per year.  Recipients can be two individuals or one individual and one committee.  Honorees receive a MGANJ Award for Excellence pin.  They are invited to attend the MGANJ Fall Conference and reimbursed for the registration fee and box lunch.

The conference features speakers, who are experts in the all agriculture and horticulture.

The Executive Board seeks nominations for this award.

Criteria for Nominations:

  1. Certified Active Master Gardener in good standing.
  2. For individual award: 100 cumulative hours of volunteer service.
  3. Outstanding contribution or dedication to a committee and the RMGUC Master Gardener Program.

NOTEIf a committee is selected for the MGANJ Award of Excellence, the committee member must have a minimum of 50% participation in the committee’s activities during that year (documented by means of committee sign-in sheets).  Members with less than 50% participation are not eligible for Excellence Awards.

Exception:  At the discretion of the Committee Chairperson, a CAMG who made an outstanding contribution or provided extraordinary service that greatly benefited the committee that year would be considered, no matter what their level of overall participation.  The chairperson should submit the name to the Executive Board for approval and inclusion in the Award for Excellence.

Committee chairs should contact Vice Presidents  Althea Llewelyn,  Anne Burgmeyer, or Dan Black.  The Board is expected vote on nominations at its  June meeting.