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Post Event Plant Sales for Master Gardeners

Post Event Plant Sales:

We have a small amount of flowering annual plants leftover that we cannot return to the nursery. They are in our greenhouse and we will be open this Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am. Please be sure not to take the plants for the Sharing Garden, Annex, Cutting Garden or Herb Garden – they are clearly marked.

Annual flowers in the greenhouse are 30% off -$2.00 for a 4 pack or 6 pack, Hanging baskets are $5.00 each

Annual vines and Tomatoes or Peppers in peat pots are $1.50 each. There are 2 nursery shrubs (kerria japonica) and 2 native virginia creeper vines at $5.00 each. Nursery perennials we cannot return are also in the greenhouse, they are $3.00 each.

Our MG donated perennials are on the back tables in our outdoor potting area, and they are $1.00 each (to cover the cost of soil)

Sales are on the honor system, and the money can either be sent to the Treasurer, Teresa Gibbons, or can be given to Joanne and I will get it to Terry.
Thanks for all your hard work, Joanne


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