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Seeking Volunteers to help with the Trex Challenge

Trex  thin film plastic Challenge

In November  2019, the Master Gardener Executive Board voted to participate in the thin film plastic recycling program created and administered by the Trex company,
Participation in this program allows the Master Gardeners to make a small impact for the environment and will earn us a new garden bench for the Demonstration Garden.
The challenge is this, to collect 500 pounds of thin plastic film within a 6 month period. We are assigned a Collection Site and a Drop off Site where the general public can make their donations of thin film plastic.
Our challenge period runs from January 1, 2020 – June 1, 2020.  We unofficially began in November 2019, and as of today have collected over 300 pounds of plastic towards the set  goal of 500 pounds.
Once we’ve collected the required amount of 500 pounds of plastic we will receive a new garden bench within a few weeks of notifying Trex.
Please volunteer to help us reach this goal.
It’s simple: Volunteers collect the donated plastic from the assigned collection site at Pets Supplies Plus in Berkeley Heights, weight it and deliver it to the Acme grocery store in New Providence and report back with the poundage collected.  If you live in the  Berkeley Heights or New Providence, or work or shop in the area, please consider volunteering. Both the pick up and drop off locations are on a straight drive on Springfield avenue.
For more information please contact,908 720 4330.
Thank You.