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Spring Fair – Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities[/button

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO PRICE AND SET–UP PLANTS SATURDAY, MAY 11 9:00 am – 12:00 pm SUNDAY, MAY 12 9:00 am – 12:00 pm FRIDAY, MAY 17 9:00 am – 3:00 pm SATURDAY, MAY 18 8:30 am – 4:00 pm


  • SIGN POSTING: PERFECT JOB FOR A HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM! We need a volunteer to post directional signs the morning of the Fair starting at 8am and take them down that afternoon starting at 4pm. If we have 2 people, one-person drives and the other posts the signs. This is an easy job – we have all the signs made and a master list that indicates where to post each sign. If you live near the Reservation, it will only take you an hour or two. Please call FRED TAYLOR 908-447-9821 to volunteer.
  • INFORMATION TABLE NEEDS VOLUNTEERS This is a great sitting job for those of you that can’t be on your feet all day. The duties are to check in the Master Gardeners and give them their nametag and apron, and when the fair opens to the public, hand out our welcome flyer and answer basic information questions about the Fair. Keep track of Fair attendance by “clicking” in as the public comes on a counter. Collect paid receipts as customers exit and help retrieve our wagons from the parking lot. Please call Charlotte Timberlake 908-561-6953 or to volunteer.
  • CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES; FACE PAINTING Love painting and love children? We always need plenty of talented people for these very popular activities with the children, which include making bird feeders, planting marigolds and of course, face painting! Creativity is the only requirement. Call JANYCE WILSON 908-789-2853 you’d like to volunteer.
  • CASHIERS AND VOLUNTEERS TO HELP DIRECT THE CUSTOMER LINES AND ADD UP PURCHASES are needed Fair Day. Good with math? We need people to “work” the customer lines, add up the purchases and give the customer a receipt so they can just pay when they arrive at the cashier table. The “big crush” of customers is from 12:30pm until about 2pm, and we can really use help here! Please call MARGARET BEACH 908-233-7192 or to volunteer.
  • CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE – We need volunteers to stay with large purchased plant orders, while the customers go to retrieve their cars. Or work at the plant holding area, where customers bring their plants while they shop for more. Please call JOANNE KRUEGER 908-313-2734 to volunteer.
  • A MASTER GARDENER ONLY BRUNCH is held in the morning before the Fair opens. We need help with these refreshments – call DINA STELLWAGEN 908-232-7805 or to volunteer.
    • Contacts: JANE MANNIELLO 908-273-3231 / and   SUSAN THOMSON

This is the committee that needs the most volunteers- if you love plants, or want to learn more, this is the committee for you. We’re also looking for specialty table owners for the different areas – herbs, annuals, annual vines, vegetables, deer resistant, native plants, hostas, etc. so please call for this very important job at the Fair.

  • Contact to volunteer :RUTH YABLONSKY 908-276-2135 MEMBERS NEEDED THIS SPRING:This is basically a sub-committee of the Plant Sale, but since it has VERY flexible hours, this may be a good volunteer opportunity for many people. Members of this committee visit other Master Gardeners, who are unable to dig up and divide valuable plant stock in their gardens. The Chair would receive calls from those who need shovel assistance and find a committee member who lives near and can lend a hand for digging and dividing, and then potting up the extras for the Spring Fair. A bonus is the “diggers” get to visit other Master Gardener gardens, and there are always extras for the diggers too! Volunteer Hours: Unlimited!



More deContent goes heretails to come in the May newsletter, but we’ll be having a social and plant sale 3:00 pm – 4:30pm the day before the fair. We need help setting up the plants, refreshments and cashiers. Contact JANE MANNIELLO 908-273-3231


    We need people that are willing to go to a local nursery and fill their truck with donations and plants we’re receiving on consignment. Please call JOANNE KRUEGER  908-822-9244 if you can help.

  • CLEAN UP & SET UP HELP NEEDED! On Saturday, May 11 and Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 17-19) Hang banners, set up signs, set up and cover tables with plastic, move and rearrange plants, and erect canopies. Please call RICHARD LEISTER 908-790-1552 or to volunteer.
  • TRAFFIC/PARKING DIRECTORS NEEDED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FAIR WEEKEND. The Fair is at the Demonstration Garden, with parking in the grassy field (like last year) and we need volunteers to mark the field the days before the Fair, and help direct the cars Fair Day. You get to wear a cool traffic reflector vest. Please call RAY BOYD 908-464-6773
  • PUBLICITY is a key driver for success of the Fair. If the public knows about it—they will come! We need help distributing Fair flyers to local businesses and libraries, please call TJ KARNS @ 908-964-3654 or to help. Flyers are in the RCE Helpline office and we’d love it if everyone could hand out a few—we have 5,000 flyers!

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